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If you are looking for a boutique that sells a huge range of quality, unique products that look great for a fraction of the high-street costs, you have come to the perfect place. We don’t just sell products to you in a heap and hope you like them – we make sure you get the authentic shopping experience.

Since the boutique world has went mostly online we noticed a staggering trend all across the web – customers weren’t being offered enough assistance! We offer a unique take on the online clothing world. Whether you are here for yourself, your friend or your beloved pet dog, we have accessories and products are going to be right up your street – Be Authentic, Be Unique, Be Sassy!

We even stock amazing products for your home.


Speaking of your home, how content are you with the current décor and style? Is there anything you have just been dying to change but haven’t been able to find the right solution? We have some brilliant ideas for you right here – all of these unique accessories are things you might never have even considered, but once you do you will absolutely have to get them! All of these ideas or products can be bought or made yourself with a little bit of hard work and creativity;

Don’t Chuck It – Paint It!

For every piece of furniture you throw away, you are potentially throwing away the missing piece of your jigsaw. Getting rid of your sofa because you don’t like the colour? Why not repurpose these items with a new lick of paint? Anything from an old headboard to a lamp can be painted – you can then co-ordinate your room without having to spend more than you intended.

Free Vases

Do you drink much juice from glass bottles? If so, you don’t need to go out and buy any vases. Simply wash out the bottle, take off any labels – unless of course you want to leave them on! – and repurpose them totally, transforming your old collection of glass bottles into a vintage looking home décor! You could even create cool light stands and the like from this exact same formula.

Cushions Made From Old Cars?

Would you find it strange if we suggested making some pillows from old car seatbelts? You can pick up old car seatbelts at scrap yards quite easily, and they basically just sit there and waste away. With a bit of redesigning and moulding you can create a pillow either entirely from seatbelts, or at least cover your old ones with a lovely black texture!

These simple ideas could help you start to look at your room in an entirely new way. The idea is to try and find new solutions and ideas that you usually would scoff at. Remember, creativity comes from ambition and if you are willing to be ambitious you can make a significant difference to the look, feel and atmosphere of your home and surroundings!  

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