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A Guide to Who We Are

All too often, fashion is dominated not by the truly important standards of inherent self worth and beauty, but rather an image of what is not only acceptable, but necessary. This can be as restricting as it is damaging as not everyone easily falls into societies' perceived notion of “beauty.”

As our slogan suggests, we believe the exact opposite. We believe that you can be authentic, unique, and sassy all on your own. No matter your fashion goals, we want to offer the products and services you need to realize your look and feel confident doing it. From fashion and accessories, home decor, travel accessories, the coolest and geekiest tech toys and even pet accessories - we work to provide you with what you will love.

A Worthwhile Experience

We understand that expressing oneself through fashion is more then just the clothes or products. It is as much about creating an experience as it is showing off a unique personality. Through our mission statement and brand selection, we focus on providing you a full, unique experience that other stores do not even get close to offer. How do we do this?

Made In Canada

Our showcase of products leans as heavily as possible towards Made in Canada, adhering to our high standards of labor and excellent craft. This means that our domestic product lines will be made locally from individuals who take pride in what they do, working to create the best possible merchandise. However, we realize that everything you may want to express your inner self may not be made in Canada. What do we do then?

Our Standards

For items in our store produced outside of Canada, we stand by strict criteria that applies not only to how the product is made, but how the workers are treated. This means that every foreign countries products we deal with have to be ethically sourced, socially conscious, ecofriendly, organic, upcycled, recycled, or fair-traded depending on the product. Though these standards are strict, it guarantees the same experience and quality you will come to expect from our goods.

Where Does That Leave Us?

From beginning of production to eventual sale, what powers us and our company is your positive experience, finding things that bring out your authenticity, uniqueness, and sass. These are things not to be hidden away, but rather brought into the open and celebrated. You are worthwhile, and we believe that enough to open a company. Come be a part of something special.

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