Do's and Don'ts of Shopping!

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(Almost) Everyone loves shopping, but let’s be honest – it can be rather overwhelming. With so many options, it can be hard to think clearly and remember what you need, what you really want, and what to skip this time around!


Do: Plan Ahead

Make a list, or bookmark, of what you want, so that you’re prepared when sales start. That way you’ll keep your eyes peeled for the perfect moto jacket, instead of getting distracted by cocktail dresses you don’t really need.


Don’t: Get Attached

Don’t buy a piece that you wanted at the beginning of the season if it is no longer wearable in the upcoming months or season. For example: that super on-trend print tank top you wanted in February might seem like a good idea, but is that really such a good buy when fall is approaching?


Do: Buy Basics

Stock up on things that you regularly need and buy, such as your favorite white t-shirt or bra.


Don't: Buy Almost-Perfect Basics

Don’t buy jeans (or any basics) that aren’t the perfect wash or style just because they are on sale.


Do: Consider The Potential

If a dress or jacket is a little big on you, but could be easily and affordably altered, buy it.


Don’t: Be Unrealistic

Too small, but losing weight? Yeah right.


Do: Buy Statement Pieces

The perfect way-out-of-budget embellished jacket that you coveted is finally on sale? Can you wear it with at least five things already in your closet? Buy it.


Don't: Buy One-Off Items

Sure that over-the-top caftan is really Olsen-chic, but where are you actually going to wear it. Figure out price per wear or think about how many upcoming events you can wear it to and judge from there.


Do: Search For Promo Codes

Google is your friend—be proactive about getting the best discount possible.


Don’t Settle:

If you’re still dreaming of a better version of that lace-up heel or that leather skirt, you’re not buying the right piece.


Do: Weigh The Pros And Cons

If something is only on sale in a color that’s not your first choice, consider how much you will wear the item and whether or not it’s worth holding out for the full-price option.


Don’t: Be Lazy

Shop around and look for the best deal. Different stores give different discounts all the time, and it could be the difference between buying one item on your list and two.


Do: Know The Rules

Can the item be returned? You should know before buying anything you’re not 100% certain about.

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