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Hiyah All,

Thanks for stopping by to read this.  Since you're here on the site and probably looking around I will take a few minutes of your time to tell you a bit about myself so that you know the person behind all of this.

I'm Julie, I live in Toronto, Canada and dogs & cats are my everything.

I'm a proud mother of three - but my kids have four paws!  My oldest is Izzie.  She is a ten year old purebred Yorkshire Terrier.  My middle son is Bean.  He is an eight year old short haired black cat.  And then there is the baby, Misa (who is currently curled up in my lap as I write).  She is a two year old purebred rescued Yorkshire Terrier.  These three love bugs are my pride and joy - ask me and I can talk about them for hours, sometimes days.  I know it can be a bit much at times, but I feel that way when mothers of two-legged kids go on and on.....

Ok yes, where was I?!  Well back in early 2013 I decided that I wanted to open a business and be self-employed.  It only took me until my thirties to decide what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I figured it out - finally.  I wanted to open up my own online boutique.  Shortening that story I realized by 2014 that it was a lot harder than I thought but I was resolved to press on.  

It wasn't until mid 2014 that I realized why I was having so much trouble - I was not focused on what I really loved most in this world....what my expertise was and my passion is.  I decided in the fall of 2014 to clear out all my inventory (at liquidation prices) and re-invent Urban Sassy as a hip and chic dog & cat clothing and accessory boutique.  

Within minutes of making that decision I realized that I was finally free.  Free to pursue my love, life and passion and work with and for dogs and cats.  In turn it will be the start of a beautiful relationship that I can invest my time, love and money into and in turn be able to use some of my resources earned to give back and help support rescue groups and efforts both in Canada and the US as well as internationally.  Not supporting the big charitable organizations, but the smaller private rescue groups that can not survive without donations.

I can't tell you how liberating it finally feels to be doing what I love and am passionate about.  Working on social media marketing is one of my most favourite parts of my day because I get to read dozens of blogs and forums to curate articles and videos of important information, tips & tricks along with all the funny, silly, happy and honest videos of dogs and cats that we share.

There is nothing in this world I love more than my kids and all animals and to be able to have a way to share my love with others is what Urban Sassy is all about.  I want to make sure your dog has proper fitting winter dog boots.  I want to make sure your cat gets their daily or weekly dose of "the nip".  I want to see your extra large and ultra small dogs wearing the best made, high end clothing that you can afford.  I want to see the pictures of your pet happily enjoying their new wares from Urban Sassy.  

I've taken a lot of time and looked at inventory stocking with YOU, the customer in mind.  We carry clothing for dogs and cats of all sizes, from extra extra small to seven-times extra large.  We have a wonderful variety of healthy and domestically manufactured pet treats along with toys made of only organic material.  We carry a wonderful selection of dog collars, harnesses and leashes as well as bath and grooming time products.  Everything we sell is Urban Sassy Approved.

And what does Urban Sassy Approved mean?  Simple; it means that EVERYTHING we sell is a product that we use at home and can vouch for.  There is nothing in our selection that we are not 100% knowledgable about and proud to share with others.  We make your shopping experience unique by being with you every step of the way by ensuring what you order is perfect.  We give as much love and attention to your order as we do to our own fur babies and knowing that we are always here for you and want to have a relationship, the lifetime of your fur babies and beyond is of the utmost importance to us.

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