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Fearless Fashionista

The world of fashion is such a diverse and dynamic realm. Designers around the world are constantly stretching their limits and experimenting with ways to be different and stand out from the crowd. From Avant-garde constructions to testing untraditional fabrics and materials, fashion inventors are continually searching for the next design breakthrough that will ultimately take the fashion industry by storm.

Unfortunately, some of this new age experimenting has resulting in some pretty preposterous getups. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to be a style expert to make a profound statement with the way you present yourself. There are plenty of ways to be unique, bold, and fashion fearless without earning a one way ticket on the crazy train.

Embrace Your Shape. We all have a shape. Whether it is short, tall, round, thin, pear, or busty, there is a right way to dress your shape, and a wrong way. If you learn to love your body shape, you will learn to dress it fearlessly. Along those same lines, do not be restricted or limited by a size stigma. There is an incredible amount of variance between a size 8 at Store A and a size 8 at Store B. If you have to move up a size, do not let that discourage your search for fashionable attire and by all means, please do not purchase the size that you wish you could wear. Think of size along the lines of a starting point. Buy what fits, regardless of size on the tag.

When compiling an outfit, it is perfectly acceptable to choose a bold or daring focal piece, maybe even two. However, keep in mind that too many bold accessories can become overwhelming and cluttered. Pop your outfit with a piece of brightly colored jewelry - a statement piece. Flaunt those daring stilettoes. Splurge on that stunning backless blouse that you have had your eye on. Throw in a shiny purse. Just don’t do all those things at once. Instead of wearing a mundane, muted shirt under your business suit, consider a blouse with some bling or glitter.

It is certainly ok to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, but perhaps avoid a running leap. There is a distinct difference between making a remarkable statement, and simply standing out in a tacky way. Start your fashion transformation by taking small steps. Before you know it, you will be the go-to girl for fashion advice.

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