We own uniqueness and individuality - loud and proud.  Our story is a simple one - authentic and sassy.

We come from many years of consignment selling on eBay (since 2003) and a lifetime passion of shopping - we are true shopaholics! (but we are also huge bargain hunters!)

Behind the scenes is sometimes frantic but organized, harried but happy, hectic but harmonious, stressful but always sassy.  We stand for what we believe in and first and foremost is supporting our local, provincial, and national economy.  We then branch out to support the North American economy and then specific value matching in the international marketplace.  When we look to consignment items we support secure and profitable brand names and designer labels - regardless of our personal corporate culture.  We don't discriminate against the items our clients wish to sell as long as the items come from a strong and popular designer label.

Our CEO,  has a character that won't quit.  She's spunky, feisty, and has a passion for everything she puts her heart in to.  She has over 20 years of experience in fashion and retail as well as 15 years experience in personal services such as shopping & organization.  She is also the proud mom of her four-legged babies: Izzie (a 13 year old Yorkie), Bean (an 11 year old Black Cat), Misa (a 3.5 year old rescued Yorkie) and Ginger (a 2.5 year old re-homed Yorkie).

We, at Urban Sassy® promise that shopping with us is an event not to be forgotten.  It is a lifestyle choice and more than just a sale or simple transaction - it is an experience that you will remember and likely share with your friends and family - and that is what we are hoping you will do!

We want you to know that the experience of being part of the Urban Sassy® family is what will keep you coming back time and time again and we will always meet and exceed your expectations.  We do what we do because your happiness matters to us.



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