Buddy Belts LIMITED LUXURY Collection Leather Harness with Swarovski® Crystals

Buddy Belts

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Buddy Belt is the luxury harness that hugs your dog. Its comfortable fit wraps around the body, just like a hug.

The Buddy Belt has only one buckle and slips on in seconds, making going for a walk a pleasure. You will feel confident that the Buddy Belt’s low cut design and ergonomic fit minimize pressure on your dog’s neck and spine ensuring a better wellbeing. To guarantee quality, a devoted and passionate dog-loving crew carefully handcrafts each Buddy Belt in Toronto, Canada. 

The functional design lets your dog step in easily and fastens with one buckle. The stylish harness has a unique, low-cut patented design ensuring pressure is minimized on your dog’s neck and spine. 

Buddy Belts also come in a vegan leather option - see Buddy Belts BB2 Synthetic Leather Harness.

**NOTE: Swarovski® Crystallized Harnesses contain a maximum of 6 crystals, depending on size of harness.**


1. Measure your dog’s chest girth. You want a snug measurement, directly behind your pet’s front legs.

2. Confirm weight.

3. Select the correct size using the chart provided.

  • An ideal fit will allow enough room for 1-2 fingers under the strap.

  • The harness should fit snug against the body.

  • If it fits on the tightest (first) hole, try a size smaller.
    It’s better to be on the last hole, than to have a loose fitting harness.

  • The harness may stretch to fit one hole smaller as it forms to your dog’s chest

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