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It’s a Greens Thing

Powered with Green Nutrition® is more than a catchy phrase – it’s the core of Bell Rock Growers’ inspiration and mission. The growing popularity of wheat grass use by humans over the past decades got us thinking: If we can get our greens on, why can’t our pets? The answer is, they can and should!

Even obligate carnivores like cats can benefit from the super nutrition (and fiber!) wheat grass and other cereal grasses deliver. (Hello! Raise your hand if your cat’s ever eaten your houseplants or your dog eats your fertilized grass!) And we’re not just talkin’ dogs and cats here: small animals, birds, reptiles – many of our furry, scaly and feathery companions can now be included in our mission to inspire green nutrition.

Learn about the benefits of wheat grass for pets.


Pet Greens® Semi-Moist Cat Treats

Cat Grass In A Tasty Treat!

All Natural :: Great Taste :: Healthy Greens

Satisfy your kitty's craving for greens with Pet Greens® Semi-Moist Cat Treats! Every mouth-watering morsel contains real meat as the first ingredient, plus added fish oil provides nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. Tasty, bite-sized pieces contain healthy wheat grass, a nutrient-rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber for improved digestion. Available in 7 yummy recipes, these treats provide a healthy snack in a soft, moist texture that cats love.

        :: Pet Greens Treats can satisfy your cat's natural instinct to eat potentially harmful houseplants or chemically-treated outdoor grass. 
        :: Treats contain NO artificial colors or flavors, NO wheat gluten, corn, or soy and may be ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Wheat grass provides valuable, high-quality fiber — essential for healthy kitty tummies!


Did You Know?

Cereal grasses contain high concentrations of chlorophyll to help maintain a healthy blood stream.

Our 100% certified organic Pet Greens® Live Pet Grass® is an excellent source for green nutrients.

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